BEFORE CARE... Open The Dialog

Discuss The Eventual Need
In 1991, I became pastor of Kaimuki Community Church in Honolulu. My parents, who lived in Honolulu, promptly joined the church and helped us with the church ministry. Mom, Blanche Morgan, taught Sunday School and served on the preschool advisory committee. Dad, Reverend Joe Morgan, taught a survey of the Bible and preached for me when I was on vacation. They both played instruments in our praise band.
We had meals together every week either at their place, our place or at a restaurant. Dad and I played golf almost every week. Mom and Betty golfed with us on some occasions. Sometimes we shared a beach house vacation together.

Watch For The SIGNS
Though it seemed years away, I knew the time would or could come where my parents needed assisted living. So, I raised the topic, "What are we going to do when you become too sick or disabled to live on your own?" They were very open to discussing the topic and objective in thinking through the issue. Thankfully, they realized they weren't getting any younger and that a contingency plan needed to be in place. MORE>
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