Site Map for Love You Parents To Death

Before Care
Open The Dialog
Discuss The Eventual Need
Watch For The SIGNS
Deal With Dysfunctional Relationships NOW!

Commit To The Task For The Right Reason
Are You Called and Equipped To Be A Caregiver?
Guilt, Obligation, or Love?

Plan Strategically
Your Place or Theirs?
What About My Career?
Expenses… Who Pays?
Combining Households

Make The Call
Is it time? How do you tell?

The Big Adventure
Taking Authority Over The Situation

Make Them Comfy
Adjustable Chairs
Adjustable Electric Beds
Personal Items
Storage of Household Items

Making Daily Routines Work
Dealing with Dementia
Healthy Meal Planning and Preparation
The Importance of Eating Together
Adequate and Comfortable Clothing Choices
Bathroom and Bathing
Showering and Shaving
Toilet Monitoring
Purpose and Meaning
Fun and Frolic

Planning Family Gatherings

Planning for Respite

Medical Management
Chaperoned and Chauffeured Doctor Visits
Home Medicine Management
Medical Aids

Legal and Financial Issues
Legal Issues
Medical Insurance
Sharing Expenses

After Death
Pre-Need Planning
Pay Now, Die Later
Pre-Need Review and Casket Upgrade
Death Wishes

The Shocker
Last Conversation
A Chilling Call
Lost Lover
Ambulance, Police, and Autopsy - Oh My!

The Funeral Arrangements
Calling Tree
Details, Details
The Clothing
Confirming Burial Spot
Meaningful Memorials
Favorite Flowers
Good Eats
An Accidental Family Reunion
Precious Memories
Private Worship and Reflection
The Last Good-Bye
No Need To Linger

Reliving Mom's Death

Dad's Demise
A Reason To Live
A Little Scratch
The Last Hospital Visit
Dad Dies

Burial With HONOR
Officer's Uniform
Open or Closed Casket
Church Memorial
Burial With Honor

Estate Issues
Contacting Agencies
Liquidating Assets
Distributing To Beneficiaries

What's Next For US?
No Rash Decisions
Choosing A Future With Purpose
One Last Look
Making A Living

Memories of Joe and Blanche
Hard To Believe They Are GONE!
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