Once we came for a visit and Dad was “sawing logs.” The nurse was fuming. She said he had stayed up all night playing dominoes and drinking Dr. Pepper. “What?” Apparently, the orderly who was on duty was bored. And Dad is a domino fiend. So they decided to have a domino marathon. The day nurse couldn’t get him to stay awake to eat or take his medication. Needless to say, she and I both had a talk with that orderly. Moral of the story, don’t expect hospital personnel to always use good sense.

Olivet Baptist Church, Honolulu
The most frustrating aspect of hospital visits was the lack of concern for his nutritional needs. The hospital food was abysmal. And they didn't monitor his salt and caffeine intake. When we presented them with our vegetarian requirements, they were totally unprepared to fulfill them. You would think that hospitals would be on the cutting edge of nutritional therapy. My experience with military and civilian hospitals indicates the opposite is true. Their food subcontract goes to the lowest bidder. And dietitians were either incompetent or powerless or both.

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