AFTER DEATH... What's Next for Us?

Choosing A Future With A PURPOSE
One option was to stay in Hawaii. There were several churches on the island without ministers. Maybe I would candidate for a pastor's position. Another idea was to move back to Julian, California where Betty grew up and where her mom, Christine Stanley, lived. After all, Mom Stanley was 74 years old. In a few years she might need us to help her like we helped my parents. We had lived close to my parents for the past 12 years. Betty had done much to help me help them even when they lived on their own. The least I could do was to offer the same opportunity to her for her family.

Back in November of 2003, when we flew to California to participate in the second memorial service for my Dad, we planted a "seed" with Mom Stanley. You see, she is president of a family corporation that owns and operates a private RV park and campground,Pinezanita. Though it was a weekend resort, there were a handful of "park model" trailers on the property that could serve as permanent residences. Before we returned to Hawaii, I said to Betty's mom, "If one of the park model trailers comes up for sale, please keep us in mind. We might want to buy it and live here in the park so we can be near you." She said that would be a long shot but she would keep us in mind.


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