BEFORE CARE... Plan Strategically... When You Can

Combining Households
Finding a place in Hawaii that was suitable for elderly adults, big enough for a home office, and affordable was a challenge. My parents owned a 2-bedroom condo but it wasn't suitable for our multi-generational commune. And there was another issue. I felt they needed to move in with us, not us move in with them. If we were going to manage their care, I believed it would work much more smoothly for them to be guests in our home.

Betty and I were living in a small 3 bedroom parsonage but had to find another place when I resigned the church to work on a Christian book project. We leased a large 2-bedroom condo in downtown Honolulu. We picked it because we loved the convenience of walking to the grocery store, bank, post office, etc. It had a gym, a lap pool, tennis court, golf driving cages, putting green, Koi pond, patio areas, pool table, bowling alley, outdoor entertaining areas and great security. It was perfect for Betty and me. What we didn't realized at the time, was that it would be perfect for my parents as well. More on that later.

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