The Big Adventure-Make Them Comfy

We were so blessed to live in a luxurious 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment in Honolulu. My parents' bedroom was large and sunny. It had a picture window at one end that looked out at the sprawling city and the beautiful green mountains.

Adjustable Chairs
A few years before they came to live with us, at my wife's suggestion, my parents had purchased Hawaiian rattan-style twin La-Z-Boy Recliners to replace their worn out couch. When they moved into our apartment, the recliners fit perfectly by the large picture window. Mom and Dad would spend hours sitting by the window enjoying the view or taking a nap. My dad would even roll up his pants leg to get a suntan on his legs. I didn't have the heart to tell him that few UV rays made it though the tinted windows.

Joe's La-Z-boy Recliner, Bible, Oxygen and Mac Laptop Computer
Dad had cataracts in both eyes. Until he was well enough to have the cataracts removed, he needed good lighting so he could read his Bible and favorite magazines. So we placed a bright halogen floor lamp next to his chair and another next to his bed.

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