Personal Items
We didn't have room for all their stuff in our apartment, but we had room for all their favorite things, including Mom's hand carved teak secretary desk and chest. They had room on their dresser for their TV, VCR, and Stereo. And, of course, they had their own closet and dresser for clothing and shoes.

Storage of Household Items
But something had to be done with all their remaining stuff, especially when we decided to rent their condo. None of their furniture was ultra fancy or expensive. The couple that rented the place were good friends. Mom decided to let them have any furniture they wanted. They kept most of it.

That left the books, photos, clothing, golf clubs, files, wall hangings, etc., to be dealt with. I had tThe Morgan Cell Phone Familyaken my folks over to the condo to go through their things a couple of times, but it only stressed Mom out and depressed Dad. I decided to take a different approach. I enlisted the help of Betty and the couple who were going to live there. We carefully boxed up everything. No decisions were made as to what to keep.

I found a brand new, air conditioned, safe, secure storage facility. The facility provided a large truck and two helpers free of charge. Two of my friends with strong backs and weak minds volunteered to help, too. We loaded everything and took it to storage. Then I sat down with Mom and Dad and told them what I had done. I wasn't sure how they would react. They were very relieved and thankful.

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