AFTER DEATH... Funeral Arrangements

Reliving Mom's Death
The weeks and months that followed the Mom's death were difficult for Dad (and me) in a peculiar way. Almost every day, Dad would say to me, "I should have taken your Mom to the hospital that night. She was having chest pains. I just told her to go lay down and rest." Poor Dad. He couldn't remember what happened. Each time he expressed his regret, I would patiently assure him that Mom was fine when she went to sleep that night and what he was remembering just didn't happen. He would then say, "How did she die?" Though it was painful to me to recount, I would recite the story of how she died in her sleep and how he tried to wake her. Then I would assure him that everything possible was done to care for Mom's health while she was alive and that it wasn't his fault. Those words and my hugs comforted him... at least until the next day. This routine repeated itself for almost a year after her death.

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