AFTER DEATH... Memories of Joe and Blanche Morgan

Memories of Joe and Blanche
As I write this, it's been over a year since Dad died and over two years since Mom's shocking death. I think or speak about them almost every day. I'm even more aware of things I do or say that are a reflection of my parents. Like when something makes me nauseated or grosses me out, I'll say, "Elga velga," an expression often used by Mom. When I refuse to admit I'm getting old or say, "I've got a lot of living to do," I realize I'm being just like Mom. When I refused to eat pomegranate seeds one day, Betty says, "It's the ghost of Joe." (My Dad wouldn't eat seeds because he was told it would cause gallstones.) I look in the mirror and I see a little of both of them in my face. These "close encounters" bring to mind warm memories of them.

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